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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   MAY 2017 / 2017 年 5 月  08

                                     五月尝鲜 FIRST TASTE OF MAY

             BRICK AND WOOD                                                    CALI STATION

             新派怀石料理店于国贸商城七层亮相。同时将增开一家顶级日式料理店茗荷别                                Cali Station 提供轻松休闲的三明治午餐,专注于推广轻松休闲的生活方式,为
             馆 (BW Myoga)。创始人在原有的日式料理的基础上,结合自身在国外的长期                           人们的日常生活带来独特用餐体验的新式料理店。店名中 Cali 提取自“加利福
             生活经历,融百家之长,加以创新,以独到的烹饪方式为顾客带来截然不同的                                尼亚”,Station 则是代表为快节奏工作生活的人群所提供的补给站。这种轻松
             味觉感受。                                                             休闲,积极正面的理念也是创始人多年在夏威夷和加州的生活经历的体现。

             Brick and Wood kaiseki-style and BW Myoga restaurants deliver authentic Japanese   Cali Station offers easy, casual lunchtime sandwiches. Cali, short for “California,” is
             cuisine to the Mall. The innovative BW Myoga flavor derives from the founder’s   an energy-supply station and a reflection of the founder’s fondness for Hawaii and
             overseas life experience and a distinctive taste.                 California.

             南小馆         THE DINING ROOM                                       焱铁烧         HOT IRON

             南小馆将上海小馆独有的地道味儿带来了!半开放式上海冷菜和点心厨房是南                                “焱铁烧”,一个主打澳洲黑毛和牛的现代派烧肉料理店,本着将餐厅作为行
             小馆的中心亮点,让你可以近距离欣赏南小馆最精心巧手的冷菜和点心的制作                                为艺术表现手法之理念,将现代简约设计风格与最奢华的和牛品牌合而为一,
             过程。每一搓、每一揉都让你感受着一抹上海的纯粹。                                          采用传统“焱铁烧”法,将和牛肉的口感品质完美无遗地展现出来,成为烧肉
             With today’s Shanghai as the main theme, the image of ‘new Shanghai people   美食家们的不二选择!
             with new Shanghai cuisine’ has been created by the restaurants’ minimalistic   HOT IRON is a modern barbecue restaurant inspired by performance art,blending
             contemporary settings with Chinese accents. The highlights of the restaurant   simplicity ambient and luxurious Australian wagyu beef perfectly. Featuring
             includes a semi-open Shanghai cold dish & dim sum kitchen which allows diners to   hot iron as its key cuisine technique, the restaurant brings the delightful taste
             get a closer look at how the delicate dishes are intricately crafted.  of wagyu beef unreservedly, becoming a second to none choice of urban-style
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