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CHINA WORLD   JULY 2016 / 2016 年 7 月刊  09


           2016 年 6 月 25 日至 26 日,中国大饭店荣耀承办亚
           和国际组织代表等 600 多人汇聚北京参加了为期两

           On  25  to  26  June,  China  World  Hotel  had  the
           honor of hosting the first Annual Meeting for Asian
           Infrastructure Investment Bank held in the Chinese
           capital city.  This annual meeting brought together
           representatives from 57 founding members and 600
           top VIPs for the two-day event at the hotel.

                                                                                                             Mr. Christoper Chia, Vice President of Shangri-
                                                                                                             La International Hotel Management Limited
                                                                                                             and General Manager of China World Hotel
                                                                                                             welcomed Mr. Zhang Gao Li, Vice Premier of
                                                                                                             PRC at the Conference Hall of the hotel.

           和澳门尼威斯人网站8311共同奔跑!                                     马拉松跑 - 你准备好了吗?                              ARE YOU MARATHON READY?

           北京中国大饭店被北京马拉松组委会认定为官方唯一                      北京马拉松赛事 9 月在即,你准备好了吗?中国大                    Are you fit enough to race the 2016 Beijing Marathon
           指定酒店,为前来参加北京马拉松的竞跑者提供餐饮                      饭店健身俱乐部自 8 月起每周五晚六点为业余马拉                    in September? The Health Club at China World Hotel
           住宿服务。此消息在 7 月北京中国大饭店举办的新闻                    松选手提供指导训练课程,例如马拉松跑前热身活                      provides a series of training programme that is designed
           发布会上正式宣布。                                    动,健康饮食,赛事小建议及跑后整理活动。                        to meet the needs of amateur or seasoned marathoner.
           加入 2016 北京马拉松中国大饭店团队,9 月 17 日                刚刚装修完毕的健身俱乐部拥有温水游泳池,设施先                     The programme includes stretching, injury prevention and
           和澳门尼威斯人网站8311一起为慈善共同奔跑!                                进的健身房,壁球场、室内网球场以及蒸气浴室和按                     treatment, nutrition, race countdown, life after a marathon
           登记报名详情,请致电健身中心  Register with us and         摩浴池,是锻炼体能的绝佳场所。宾客亦可在紧张运                     etc. The training sessions are available at 6 pm on every
           run for a great cause.  For more information, please   动后体验传统中式按摩或氧气房,舒缓肌肉,放松身心。         Friday starting in August.
           contact our health club at      (86-10) 65052266-33      (86-10) 65052266-33             The newly refurbished Health Club also features a heated

                                                                                                    indoor swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts and
                                                                                                    a state-of-the-art gymnasium which is equipped with
                                                                                                    spacious exercise studios and the latest cardio-fitness
                                                                                                    machines. Indulge in the traditional Chinese massage or try
                                                                                                    out the oxygen room after a great workout to ease your
                                                                                                    muscles and refresh your soul.

           RUN WITH US

           China World Hotel, Beijing has been designated as the
           only official accommodation venue for runners coming all
           over the world for the 2016 Beijing Marathon. The news
           was announced at the press conference which was held at
           China World Hotel in July.
           Come join the China World Hotel team on 17 September
           for the 2016 Beijing Marathon!                                                                                     日光浴机  Tanning Bed
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