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                                                                                                    炎炎夏日逼近京城,国贸大酒店首席调酒师 Attila
                                                                                                    Balint 特制夏日沁爽鸡尾酒和无酒精鸡尾酒酒单,共
                                                                                                    包含 14 款新概念冰饮。客人们不要错过这些特饮,
                                                                                                    畅饮一夏!红馆、面档、酒廊、滩万、国贸 79 全面
           川味飘香                                                          SPICY SICHUAN              登陆新品,售价人民币 45 元起,活动日期至 2016 年

           劲爽夏日刺激味蕾,红馆                                                    SUMMER                    9月30日。
           荣推九款浓味巴蜀特色                                                                               DRINKS GET COLDER,
                                                                          Challenge your taste buds at
                                                                          The Red Chamber!  Embrace   LIFE GETS BETTER!
                                                                         the distinct Sichuan flavours
           和拍蒜辣炒野生菌拥抱                                                                               Cool  off  this  hot  season  and  say  cheers  with
                                                                         with a plethora of 9 dishes
           不同口味的川菜。对于                                                                               14  refreshing  summer  cocktails  and  mocktails
                                                                        including Mixed Seafood Spicy
           不太喜欢冒险,可供您                                                                               conceptualised by head mixologist Attila Balint.  The
                                                                       Pot, Braised Beef Tripe with Chilli
           挑选非辣的选项,如坛                                                                               special Summer Drinks are available at prices starting
                                                                      and Wok fried Wild Mushroom
           香萝卜煲老鸭汤。于 7                                                                              from RMB45 at The Red Chamber, Noodle Bar, The
                                                                     with Garlic and Chilli.  For the less
           月1日 至8月31日 可 在                                                                           Lounge, Nadaman and Grill 79, until 30 September
                                                                  adventurous, take your pick with non-
           餐厅享用地道四川好味。                                                                              2016.
                                                                spicy options such as Braised Duck with
           价格自人民币 18 元净价每
                                                            Pickled Turnip Soup.  Prices start from RMB 18 net
                                                        per dish, available until 31 August.


           在内的惊喜大奖。速速前往“ENJOY” APP 购
           买双人套餐,价格为 488 元净价税。
           ON EARTH

           The exclusive designed menu for Dragonair’s
           in-flight cuisine is now available at The Red
           Chamber.  Purchase the set menu for two
           persons through ENJOY application at RMB 488
           net and get the chance to win prizes including
           return air ticket and hotel room stay.
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