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           国贸冰蓄冷助力北京电力需求侧管理                                                                           关于 WORDSEARCH 添惠达

           CHINA WORLD PROMOTES ENERGY SAVING THROUGH                                                 澳门尼威斯人网站8311专注于为地产和建筑项目打造品牌和市场

           ICE STORAGE AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM                                                        推广策略 , 在这个领域 , 澳门尼威斯人网站8311引领全球。30 年来,

                                                                                                      务,从后现代的台北 101,到香港 108 层高的
                                                                                                      大厦,伦敦的巴特西电站,纽约的 One57 和悉
                                                                                                      尼的 Barangaroo。
           随着经济发展和生活水平的提高,澳门尼威斯人网站8311国的能源消耗                       Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform
           逐年上升。2015 年 7 月 13 日,北京用电负荷突破                has awarded 150,000 yuan to the China World Trade   ABOUT WORDSEARCH
           2013 年夏季的历史高点,达到 1816 万千瓦,而且月、               Center for its contribution to society: a revolutionary ice
           日和分时峰谷负荷差异较大,给电厂和电网运行造成                      storage air-conditioning system that helps the environment.  We are the international leader in Branding and
           很大的困难和浪费。                                    The system boosts China World’s electricity capacity and   Marketing for real estate and architecture. Founded
           为平抑用电峰谷差异,降低电网压力和减少浪费,国                      overall grid stability. And thanks to the city government’s   over thirty years ago, we have worked on many of
           家制定了峰谷电价政策,鼓励社会采取节能、蓄能措                      preferable pricing and reward system, the new air   the world’s most prestigious building projects, from
           施。在此基础上,北京市发改委 2015 年推出“电力                   conditioning system has saved money too.      the postmodern tower of Taipei 101, to Hong Kong’s
           需求侧用户主动需求响应”活动,在全市或某一电力                      On July 13, 2015, Beijingers consumed a massive 18.16   108 storey ICC, The Shard in London, One World
           分区电力供需紧张或空气质量达到一级预警状况时,                      million kilowatts of electricity, breaking the previous record   Trade Center in New York, London’s Battersea Power
           通过采用经济补偿的方法,让电力用户在生产、工作                      of summer 2013. Such unprecedented surges and dips   Station, New York’s One57 and Sydney’s Barangaroo.
           基本不受到影响的条件下,主动按照预先确定的策略                      strain city power plants and the grid to the limit.  Whether we’re designing beautiful brochures and
           改变用电行为、降低用电负荷。                               To stabilize consumption across different hours, days and   books, producing CGIs and films or developing
           在国贸一、二、三期建设有北京最大的空调冰蓄冷系                      months, the city in 2015 formulated a new pricing policy that   websites and apps, our mission remains the same:
           统,蓄冰总容量达到 56000 冷吨时,可以转移高峰电                  rewards energy conservation: Beijing Municipal Commission of   to help people understand and appreciate the
           力负荷约 4000 千瓦。一方面可以减小电网峰谷差异,                  Development and Reform launched a “power demand-side   possibilities and prospects of cities, neighbourhoods,
           降低发电厂污染,更好的保护环境,具有很强的社会                      users’ active response”.                      blocks, buildings, floors and rooms.
           效益;另一方面利用峰谷电价差,移峰填谷,能够节                      When electricity consumption peaks or when the air quality
           省可观的空调制冷运行费用。同时,也减少了电力容                      hits its highest-level warning, the commission offers rewards
           量,提高了系统运行的可靠性。                               to those users who can reduce electricity consumption.
                                                        In response to the call, China World Trade Center installed
           2015 年,国贸积极响应政府电力需求侧节能管理的号
                                                        its air-conditioning system in China World Tower and China
                                                        World Office 1 and 2.
                                                        With a total ice storage capacity of 56000 RTH, the system
           励国贸 15 万元人民币。今年,国贸将一如既往地发挥                   saves about 4,000 kilowatts of power at peak time. The
                                                        system not only reduces electricity, but also pollution
                                                        generated by power plants straining to meet demand.

           国贸写字楼租户可享                                                                                DONGHE PHOTO SPECIAL OFFER

           “东和图片”特别优惠                                                                               TO CHINA WORLD OFFICES TENANTS

                                                                                                    China World Offices tenants can claim a free small group
           可享受上午 9:00-12:00  证件照及形象照 9 折优惠,
                                                                                                    photo and two 8-inch photos at Donghe Photo 9 am-12
           还可免费拍摄小全家福(小合影),并附赠 2  张 8
                                                                                                    noon daily.
           寸照片,放大 5 x 7 以上,同时配框可享 8.5 折优惠。
                                                                                                    Group photography can only be taken during weekends.
                                                                                                    Tenants also can enjoy a 10 percent discount on business
           楼租户在“东和图片”订制名片可享 9 折优惠。
                                                                                                    cards, images or photos and a 15 percent discount on
           地址:国贸商城 SB121C
                                                                                                    photo frames.
           Address: China World Mall SB121C
                                                                                                    To claim the offer, make sure to bring along your China
               (86-10) 65053089
                                                                                                    World Offices tenants’ identity card.
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