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CHINA WORLD   JULY 2016 / 2016 年 7 月刊  03


                                                   Grand prizes

                                                                  await you!

                                                   海量奖品包括 Massive Prizes including:

                        国贸大酒店行政房          中国大饭店豪华房            国贸大酒店红馆           中国大饭店咖啡厅             百丽宫影院              Ole’超市
                       周末住宿一晚含双早          周末住宿一晚含双早           价值 800 元美食          双人自助餐            价值 800 元电影卡       价值 800 元购物卡
                                                                                China World Hotel
                      China World Summit Wing  China World Hotel  China World Summit Wing  One meal buffet gift voucher  Palace Cinema movie   Ole’ supermarket shopping
                      One Night Weekend Stay  One Night Weekend Stay  F&B voucher worth RMB 800  for two persons  card worth RMB 800  card worth RMB 800


                        投稿时间截至 2016 年 8 月 10 日,8 月下旬进行专家评审。

                        9 月上旬在国贸商城颁奖和展出。
                        具体投稿和比赛规则,请与国贸写字楼部联系,咨询电话:5965 1999 / 6505 3868


                        CHINA WORLD WELCOMES CUSTOMERS

                        TO ENTER NEW PHOTO CONTEST

                        China World Trade Center invites entries to its first customer photo contest ending August 10.
                        Judging takes place late August and the winning pictures will be exhibited at the China World Mall in
                        early September.
                        For more information, check out, or contact China World Offices Division at

                        5965-1999 or 6505-3868.
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