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           国贸圈六大功能                                                            FUNCTIONS

           国贸圈为用户提供六大板块全方位服务。                                                 China World Circle offers six major services to users.

                     物流快递:避免快递人员上楼带来的安全隐患,保障写字楼的安                                     美食上门:用户可以通过平台预定午餐,国贸圈客服通过系统接单
                     全有序,为租户提供良好的商务办公氛围。用户通过平台填写需要                                    后,将根据用户所选定的送餐时间范围通知配送人员送餐。1.0 版本
                     寄送快件的相关内容,国贸圈客服人员通过系统查收申请后,安排                                    餐品由中国大饭店、国贸大酒店“红馆”、国贸饭店、饭美美、三
                     配送人员上门送、取件。                                                      全鲜食、Colormore 沙拉等餐饮品牌提供。
                     Courier service: China World's new courier service underwrites the   Food delivery: Upon online ordering, China World Circle will arrange
                     security of all China World office buildings. After receiving orders via   for the direct delivery of lunch. China World Hotel, the Red Chamber
                     China World Circle WeChat, our customer service staff will arrange   of China World Summit Wing, Traders Hotel, Fanmeimei, Fun Box,
                     for prompt pickup or delivery.                                   Colormore Salad and other selected suppliers for food delivery are
                                                                                      available in China World Circle 1.0.

                     餐饮指南:为用户提供国贸中心内美食品牌索引、电话直拨功能,                                    购物休闲:为用户提供国贸商城移动网站和微信的直通功能,便于
                     便于用户进行餐厅及美食查询、预订。                                                用户查询商城相关资讯和电话直拨功能。
                     Restaurant guide: China World Circle provides a restaurant index   Shopping & leisure: China World Circle provides a mobile shopping
                     with the relevant contact numbers to dial for restaurant enquiries or   guide and a direct link with the official WeChat of China World Mall.
                     bookings.                                                        Shoppers can easily check shopping information and contact any
                                                                                      boutique at a click.

                     综合服务:为用户提供包括鲜花、矿泉水、办公用品、保洁等多                                     停车信息: 为用户提供国贸中心内各处停车场相关介绍和引导图(含
                     种服务。用户可直接在线上下单。                                                  充电桩位置)。
                     Miscellaneous services: China World Circle provides a range of   Parking: China World Circle provides parking guidance and maps
                     other services including flower delivery, mineral water, office supplies   including the locations of electric vehicle charging piles.
                     and cleaning. Users can directly place online orders.

               第一届国贸客户                                                                             CHINA WORLD WELCOMES

               摄影大赛征集令                                                                                  CUSTOMERS TO ENTER
                                                                                                         NEW PHOTO CONTEST
                                                                                                        China World Trade Center invites entries to its
                                                                                                    first customer photo contest between May 23 and
                                                                                                  July 15. Judging takes place late July and the winning
               7 月 15 日,7 月下旬进行专家评审,9 月
                                                                                                     pictures will exhibit at the Mall in early September.
                                                                                                     Photo contest winners can win a free night at the
                                                                                                   luxurious China World Summit Wing hotel and free
                                                                                                       dining at China World Hotel or six months' free
                                                                                                               membership at the Palace Cinema.
                                                      PHOTOCONTEST.CWTC.COM For more information, check out,
                                                                                                          or contact the China World Offices division
                                                                                                                   at 5965-1999 or 6505-3868.
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