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          China WorldJun 2016 2016    6月刊

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您澳门尼威斯人网站8311的最新讯息

                    物流快递                                                                                                 美食上门

                  COURIER SERVICE                                                                                      FOOD DELIVERY

                购物休闲                                                                                                          餐饮指南
                 SHOPPING                                                                                                 RESTAURANT GUIDE
                 & LEISURE


                     PARKING                    国贸圈,就在您身边                                                               MISCELLANEOUS
                                     CHINA WORLD CIRCLE

                                     AT YOUR SERVICE

           国贸与时俱进,不断践行匠工精神、管理创新、优化服务,在提升企业资源利                                 The China World team strives to move with the times and make all guests feel at home via
           用率上做出表率,让每一位在国贸工作生活的人们有回家的感觉。                                      the most advanced professional services. Our new official WeChat channel China World
           “国贸圈”是澳门尼威斯人网站8311官方出品的 O2O 微信公众平台。在互联网 +                              Circle offers one-stop services to all those who work, reside, shop and relax in the complex.
           时代,结合国贸中心的特点,为在国贸办公、居住、购物及休闲的人士提供一                                 China World Circle version 1.0 includes courier service, food delivery, restaurant guide,
           站式服务。                                                              shopping, leisure and parking information.
           国贸圈 1.0 版主要功能包括:物流快递、美食配送、餐饮指南、购物休闲、停                              For version 2.0, China World will introduce more user-friendly services like smart parking
           车信息及综合服务。未来,国贸圈 2.0 版将实现智能停车、智能门禁等更自动                              and smart access control. The ultimate goal is to maximize convenience for all those
           化的服务功能。让生活工作在国贸的人士享受到综合体设施的极大便利。                                   living and working in the China World community.
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