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China World Trade Center occupies 17 hectares in the heart of the Central Business District International Business Service Area of China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone. China World, or Guomao, is not only an iconic complex for China’s capital city but also one of the largest upmarket commercial mixed-use developments in the world. Today the China World Trade Center boasts 1,120,000 square meters of offices, malls, hotels and apartments.

Its official story began on November 17, 1984 when the joint venture contract and articles of association were signed in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing. China World Trade Center Ltd. (CWTC Ltd.) was formally established in February 1985 with approval from the State Council. CWTC Phase 1, a 420,000-square-meter floor area project with a total investment of US$520 million, opened on August 30, 1990.Ever since that day, the China World has drawn a procession of prestigious multinational corporations and global high-end retail stores. There have been national and international conferences and events. Heads of state, government officials, business magnates and celebrities have all come to the center, long regarded as a window to China’s miraculous reform and opening-up process.

In 1999 China World Trade Center Co. Ltd., solely established by CWTC Ltd., was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock name “China World” and stock code 600007. In the same year CWTC Phase 2 was completed with a total floor area of 560,000 square meters and boasting improved service facilities and management expertise.

With the completion of Phase 3A in August 2010 and Phase 3B in April 2017, CWTC entered a new stage of development: The 330-meter China World Tower A includes grade-A offices and the five-star China World Summit Wing hotel. The 296-meter China World Tower B consists of Hotel Jen and offices with enhanced catering, shopping, culture, leisure and

recreation services. Over the course of nearly 40 years of construction and development, China World Trade Center has reached a scale of 1,120,000 square meters. It has constantly excelled and surpassed itself, building a “city within a city” while attracting global attention as a model international business hub.

That success has driven the rapid economic growth of surrounding areas and delivered a vibrant Central Business District to the capital city. Aside from this economic contribution, the China World leadership team has sought to fulfill its social responsibility by donating to projects including rural revitalization, education, cultural and sports programs. The China World Trade Center paid 13.9 billion yuan in taxes by the end of 2022 based on 68.9 billion yuan in operating revenue.

China World Trade Center will continually upgrade its facilities and services for domestic and foreign guests while contributing to China's overall development. Moreover, as an important window on China's open-door policy and international business exchanges, CWTC will always adhere to its core value: Inspiring Excellence.

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